FLASH BARRANDOV Special Effects Ltd. is the biggest SFX company in the Czech Republic. It is situated on the premises of the Barrandov film studios, founded by the Havel brothers in 1931.

The local history of special effects dates back to 1934 when an SFX department was established to provide services to the fast expanding film industry. In the 90’s an independent company was founded which was focused on providing SFX services and fulfillment of artistic and professional ambitions.

FLASH BARRANDOV, independent since 1994, has considerably expanded the scope of SFX services for film, TV, business and advertising companies by including mechanical, snow, atmospheric, and pyrotechnic effects as well as film armoury services.

FLASH BARRANDOV has used its unique experience and technical background to enter the world of fireworks. We have realized many original projects in many cities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

FLASH BARRANDOV closely co-operates with international partners which results in providing high quality services and using the most advanced technologies in the field.